The HCG Fat Loss Program

Dear Valued Patients:

I want to tell you about an amazing fat burning program we are now offering at my Health & Wellness Centers. The success has been truly amazing with most patients burning .5-1 pound of fat per day. I, myself, have done it and lost 6.5 lbs in 7 days.

The HCG is a hormone produced by the placenta in pregnant women. The purpose of this hormone is to provide nutrition and energy for the fetus by releasing the excessive fat stored in the mother’s body such as in the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.  The HCG goes after the wrong fat in the belly and buttocks, not the structural fat deposited in the face.  If the pregnant woman does not consume the nutrients required for fetal development, such as in situations of starvation, her excess fat will be released (in the presence of HCG ) and will suffice for fetal growth.  We are using the same concept of creating a starvation mode in overweight patients by putting them on a 500-800 calorie diet to activate the HCG to go after the excess fat deposited in the abdominal and buttocks area.   If the HCG Fat Loss Program is followed as directed, patients will lose weight and inches and decrease their waist size dramatically.

For over 50 years, the HCG diet has been used to drastically reduce abnormal body fat without harmful side effects.  Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons, an English endocrinologist, has treated obese patients by keeping them on a low caloric diet of 500-800 calories and giving them HCG.  A realistic goal is to lose approximately .5-1 lb of weight daily and is based upon the patients’  motivation, discipline,  and other co-morbid conditions.  We ideally tell the patient to do a liver detoxification for 10 days prior to starting the HCG Fat Loss Program to prepare their liver to reserve the toxic burden released while burning the excessive fat which helps the patient lose weight without feeling fatigued.  The entire program is for 40 days.

Our practice has seen numerous obese patients lose weight, and most of them are interested in losing more weight to achieve their ideal body weight.  Myself and my staff are very happy with the results of our HCG Fat Loss Program.  We have restored happiness and self confidence in every patient that was treated in addition to treating many of their chronic disorders during the program.

Our promise is to guide you every step of the way through regular nutritional counseling, blood tests, and follow up appointments so you can maintain your weight after you reach your goal.

For further questions and clarifications we recommend that you read the HCG Fat Loss Program booklet or call our office to schedule a consult.

If Interested, please feel free to call us for a consult at the following office locations:

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Wishing you enormous success with this revolutionary HCG Fat Loss Program!

To your health,

Dr. Mohammad M. Ali