About HCG

HCG is human chorionic gonadatropic, which is produced by the placenta during pregnancy. The purpose of this vital horomone is to preserve the pregnancy and provide nutrition to the fetus at the time of starvation.

Dr Simons endocrinologist from England has treated by keeping obese patients on a low caloric diet and giving HCG treatment. By low calories like 500-800 calories. HCG goes after the wrong fat deposited in the trunkal and buttocks area. Patients not only lose weight but also inches.

Realistic goal is to lose weight around  .5-1 lb daily, and it is based upon patients motivation and discipline.

We ideally tell patient to do detox for 10 days to prepare the liver to reserve the toxic burden released while burning fat, which in turn helps patient lose weight without fatigue. We do program for 40 days.

Our practice seen lot of obese patient lose weight and most of them are interested in losing more weight to get to the Ideal Body Weight,

Dr Ali and our staff are very happy with the results. We restored happiness, self confidence in every patient. We have treated lot of chronic disorders during the program.

For further questions we recommend to read the fat loss program booklet.